Monday, December 22, 2008

Checklists are VERY Important!

It's Wednesday, December 17 and I'm out the door at 5:45 am to meet Tony and the rest of the riders at Downtown Bicycles for their weekly Wednesday morning ride. I pack up the car with what I think is everything I will need for the ride, as well as what I will need for a short run with Tony afterwards. As I'm pulling up to Downtown at just a few minutes before 6am, I'm getting ready to get out of the car and I realize that I've forgotten my clip-in cycling shoes. For those reading this that don't ride, you cannot go out on a "real" ride without your cycling shoes --- I did think about using my running shoes but that would have been the perfect recipe for a total disaster. (You can never find a "cycling-shoeaside bomber" when you need one! ---- come on people, who throws their shoes at the President of the US?)

So here I am pulled into a parking spot with about 30 or so riders just getting ready to ride and I have a decision to make: do I get out of the car and let Tony know that I'm an idiot and I forgot my cycling shoes and therefore, will need to get back in my car and go home or, do I succumb to my embarrassment and just pull my car right back out of my parking spot without saying anything and ride off to the west and away from the beautiful sunrise just ready to come up out over the Atlantic Ocean? I hoped Tony would come over to my car and spare me the group humiliation but no luck there. I tried to call him on his cel phone but no luck there either -- he left his phone in his car. I drove off!

As I pulled away, I wondered if Chris was also with the group so I gave him a call and reached him at home. He had decided to pass on the ride that morning. I was able to convince him to join me for a workout so I went home, got my cycling shoes and met Chris at his house for an approx. 22 mile ride with a 4 1/4 mile run afterwards. All was not lost but another lesson was learned --- ALWAYS USE A CHECKLIST!

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