Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is it Possible We Have Nothing Interesting to Say?

Yeah, it's possible. John's comeback from his calf injury is pretty much complete. He was able to keep up with us on a 45 mile bike ride 2 weekends ago and he is back up to running the 10K distance. Thus, he looks good to go for completing the full St. Anthony's Olympic triathlon on April 26th. He's just too busy to update the blogosphere about it. Me, I've been riding and running and swimming. Putting in my time. Waiting for St. Anthony's.

Outside of training, tons of stuff is going on. Taxes, breakups (not John, and not Salome & I), Samoli pirates. Oh, I could go on a tear about the Samoli pirates, but it would be so off blog as to be ridiculous. Easter? Yeah, it was nice. Greek Easter this weekend? Should be fun. My sons respective Spring breaks? OK. I took young son Alex to the Kennedy Space Center. That's always cool. Older son John went to Key West with his friends. They had fun. I just don't seem to have too much interesting to say about any of it, or I can't organize it in an interesting way. Perhaps it's writer's block.

Oh, here's something. Best of luck to any of you running the Boston Marathon this coming Monday. That's always a blast. The expo is the best expo I've ever attended. Be sure to hit the Runner's World speakers series. It's like going to fantasy baseball camp. A bunch of past and current elite American runners speak. This year Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher give us a real shot at having an American win this thing again. The great Bill Rodgers is running again for the first time since the centennial year of 1996 in celebration of 30 years since his forth Boston win in 1979. That should be cool.

Maybe that's it. This will be the second year in a row that I don't run the Boston Marathon. Maybe my head's in the wrong place because I didn't have the Boston Marathon to get psyched up for this April. I'm trying to get psyched up for St. Anthony's. But, I have to admit, it's not Boston.

So, sorry it's not more interesting or enlightening this week. I'm just plugging away. Time for me to go for a 10K training run. Maybe I'll go a little longer tonight. You know, for Boston.

Best of luck to Jen. Remember kid, this is a training run for you; not a race. Hopefully, you will have an interesting blog entry for me to read after Patriot's Day. Make it inspiring. Someone has to pull the load around here.

P.S. I ran 11 miles tonight. It felt great to go long again.

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EuroWayne said...

Bill: Wow...Boston on Monday. I think I'll post this weekend a recap of our adventure on my blog and some photos as well. To get inspired, check out the Nova special about training unknowns to run Boston when we ran it.

Happy Easter my friend!