Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Moms: Who Make Everything Possible

Well, It's Mother's Day. We've officially given up on a ride report from John on MS 150. Since I've received run training updates from him, I know he made it back alive. Oh well, this blog thing isn't for everyone. Onward we go.

It's Mother's Day today, so it's fitting that we reflect on all our mother's and wives do for us and our children. Clearly, without you, we wouldn't be here. But it not simple biology that gets you the great appreciation we feel for you today. It's all the love and caring you provide to us to allow us to be the best that we can be. It's the meals you made for us and the admonition to eat the right foods. It's checking in on our day to let us know that you care about how we are doing in school, with our friendships, and later, in our jobs. Our mothers are our own personal cheer leaders in life.

The attached picture is of my son, Alex, proudly wearing his medal from the field day held at his school. Of course, you know who was there helping out the teachers: his mom and my wife, Salome. Salome is always looking to volunteer for events to assist with the our kids' activities. She plans extra curricular programs to further their education and other enrichments.

Then we have my wife's mom, Kiki, who lives with us. In Greece, there is a tradition of multiple generations sharing the same house. It's usually a multi-story townhouse, with the yaya (that's Greek for grandmother) on one story and the family on another. When Kiki's husband was sick with cancer, I told her right away that if something happened to her husband, John, that there was no question that she would come to live with us. Kiki moved in with us when John passed. We've never thought twice about it. She is an integral part of our lives and I feel doubly blessed to have two moms in our home. The love and caring that these two wonderful women provide to me and my two sons is a gift that can not be measured. Thank you ladies for being part of our lives and being our cheer leaders. You provide cheer in our home.

After my 12 mile run this morning, I got breakfast for son Alex, always an early riser. Then, I got busy making breakfast for my women. They like my Greek eggs (scrambled with feta cheese and spinach). Coffee, toast and juice were prepared. It's my weekend ritual. Oh, I do my man stuff: cut the yard, help with the wash and dishes, fix things around the house. But its the weekend breakfast they seem to appreciate the most. I'm glad that there is something like this that I can do that feels more than just doing my duty. I serve them this breakfast in appreciation for all they do for me and my sons.

I also have to give a shout out to my mom. Although I don't think she reads this blog, it doesn't matter. My mother has had a tough life, losing a very young son to a drowning and an adult son to cancer. No mother should have to witness a child they gave birth to die. I know she has been heavily burdened with these losses. However, these pains never caused her to pull back on the love and care she gave to the rest of my brothers, sisters and myself. She always tried to nurture the cultural side of us. She is a life long musician, playing the violin in various local orchestras her entire life until she recently retired from playing. A large part of my love of music came from the osmosis of listening to her records playing on our home stereo as I grew up. Thanks Mom for all you gave me.

Not to be left out, buddy John's mom, Molly is our adopted quasi-Mom. She just turned 80 last month, but you wouldn't know it to see her. Her pep and smile make all of us know the love she has for all of us. From knowing two of her sons, I can say that she did a great job raising two fine men that I have the honor to know and call friends. She is a loving mother and yaya. Happy mother's day to you too Molly.

To all of you other mothers out there that read this blog: we may not show it often enough, but we love you and appreciate all that you do for us. You deserve this special day of recognition. You are our mothers.

To you blog readers out there: be sure to call your mom today and let her know what a special person she is to you.


Missy said...

Love the post, makes me miss mine even more. You are very lucky!

Love me a some Greek eggs - dad and I hit a joint in town that rocks. I like mine with spinach and feta, he adds gyros meat for good measure. Great tradition.

EuroWayne said...

Great post Bill about great women! Back from "Sleep Less in Seattle" trip to see my son Micheal...lots to post myself. Checked out part of the Seattle R&R Marathon route...very cool! More later my friend!