Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mostly accurate -----

Well, Bill's latest blog entry is mostly accurate so I suppose I'll just let it stand as is and be thankful that he is willing to take the time to chronicle this ridiculous Ironman journey of ours. And anyone who reads this blog knows what a great job he does telling this story.

One very small clarification around the "Arrogant Bastard" references. Arrogant Bastard is the name of a microbrew that was on the menu at the Ale House where we ate dinner on our last night in Seattle. Bill ordered this brew all on his own. I never called him an "arrogant bastard" or even suggested that he order this brew that I guess, could have been named in his honor --- ooooops, did I just say that? Just kidding folks.

Nonetheless, I have great respect for Bill as an athlete, a friend, a family-man and yes, even as an attorney! The beauty of running with Bill is that we truly never compete with each other. I'm certain that we've both accomplished more in our athletic pursuits than we ever would have because of how much we've supported and pushed each other. There's nothing like a great training buddy!

Until the next time ----- this is the "other" Wild & Crazy Guy signing off.

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Missy said...

It is hard to find that balance of a friend and training partner to push each other but not compete against one another. Sounds like you have it going on.