Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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As I check the local forecast on the Weather Channel web site, this is the reading with which I'm greeted. I'm checking to see what it will look like for a long evening run. Let's just say, it does not look promising.

Its October, the time of year that things start to cool off.
As David Letterman said last night, "I was walking through Central Park this morning. Its getting kind of cool out. It was so cool, I noticed a squirrel had frost on his nuts." Well, down here in sunny Fort Lauderdale, I can assure you there is no frost. We are in the midst of an early Indian Summer or late Dog Days of summer. Its hot! I'm not looking forward to a long run in this sauna. I'm training for Arizona in November, not the Badwater Ultra-marathon in July.

When I check the hour by hour forecast for the early morning, it gets all the way down to 79 at 6 AM. It will feel like 86, but it will at least technically be below 80. Yeah! While I can manage bike rides in these conditions with a bit of a self generated breeze, running is another story. Not that I look forward to my weekend century ride that will take me near the noon hour. Last night, buddy John & I got together for a night pool swim at 9:15 PM. It was still fairly hot and humid at that hour. The water was the only escape from the mug. When your choice is between 78% humidity and 100% humidity (the pool), you choose 100%.

John has a trip to New York City planned for next weekend. He plans to run a 20 miler in Central Park. Earlier, I was critical of his planning a trip out of town during this peak training period. Now, he's looking like a genius. Enjoy the run in the cool northeastern weather John, but watch out for those squirrels.


Missy said...

Sounds like the dog days of summer to me, dang! That's just too much.

Jen Jones said...

This weather is ROUGH! I hope we are rewarded with a very cool winter.

Chloe said...

Um yeah. It's too freaking hot right now. I can't handle it! I'm starting to get REAL MAD when I run! Sad I know, but it's the truth. Hopefully with in the next week we'll be back to normal. Or else I'll have to punch someone.