Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bye Bye Bike

Bye bye, love. Bye bye, happiness. Hello, loneliness. I think I'm a-gonna cry-y. Bye Bye Love -The Everly Brothers

I dropped my beloved Cervelo P2 Tri-bike at the drop ship bike shop in Miami yesterday for shipping out to the race cite in Tempe, Arizona. Before dropping it off, I took a final ride to make sure all was in working order. I then had to remove the carbon water bottle seat post attachment and computer from the bike. I also packed my gear bag with my tri-suit, running and biking shoes, tools, lubes, spare tubes and cartridges, tri-belt and water bottles. The whole ordeal caused a little accelerated anxiety in that I was forced to go through my checklist of items to make sure to have for race day a week before I have to pack for the flight out of town.

While I've only had the Cervelo for two months, I've grown to really love this bike. Yes, its pretty much limited to use for triathlons and tri-training, but I really feel it makes a difference in saving the legs for the run. The long time in the aero position took some getting used to, but I feel my neck muscles have made the adjustments necessary for this task. This morning, I rode a regular road bike for a bike/run brick, with my secondary helmet, gloves, shoes and peddles. I missed the feel of the Cervelo already. Oh well, the separation is brief. Soon, I'll be reunited with my bike in Tempe. I hope to still have good feelings about my bike after the 112 mile ride portion of the Ironman.

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Missy said...

You will HATE any bike at mile 105 when you feel like your junk is going to fall off. It's OK. You'll fall in love with your bike again. You'll just need to break up for a while after the race.