Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

In the weeks since Ironman Arizona, I've been trying to figure out where this blog is going. It started out as a joint commitment to doing an ironman event between buddy John and me. With a little push from our running friend Wayne from Anchorage, a blog of this joint journey commenced.

Writing this blog had the feel of a natural story arc with beginning, middle, and end. That story ended in Tempe. Our paths forward look to be diverging. John has re-upped for another full ironman. I am focusing on a couple half ironman events for 2010. Thus, the joint venture that has been "A Couple of Wild & Crazy Guys" has ceased serving its original purpose.

Additionally, the wife is starting to complain. I've heard a couple of times now: "All you do are marathons and triathlons." I've always felt ad hominem arguments are unproductive, but what can I say. I think it best to lay low for a while. Continued regular posts to a tri blog may be used against me.

So, I've pulled down the future schedule and stripped the site down to its postings. Where do our blogs go after we are done with them? I guess they become little time capsules floating around the ether-net waiting for future internet surfers to come across them and examine them as historic artifacts. Thanks to all of our regular readers. Its been a fun journey.

Before I go, however, I'll do one last blog entry. I kept working on a long version of the Arizona Ironman race report, adding to it and editing it. I'll post it as a holiday present to anyone who cares to read a very long race report. It may be a present best left unopened.

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