Friday, February 13, 2009

Down, But Hopefully Not Out

Well, here it is. I finally got to see the orthopedist today, Dr. George Caldwell (see bio excerpt below). Bottom line -- I have a torn gastroc nemeus (a/k/a calf muscle). He said if I were a normal 16 yr. old (I don't think I've ever been normal although I was once 16), this would probably heal in about 3 weeks. For every decade over 16, it usually takes about another 1 week to heal. So it looks like I'll have another 6 weeks of winter. Wait a second, I think I just confused that with Ground Hog day. I meant it looks like I'll be wearing "the boot" and using the crutches for another 5 to 6 weeks (I already have 12 days of recovery under my belt but I really can't give myself full "time-served" for those 12 days since I broke all the rules of recovery and didn't use the boot or the crutches). I'll also be going to physical therapy during this time.

My promise to myself is that I will wear the boot and I will use the crutches so I don't prolong or unnecessarily extend my time on the sidelines. I encourage all of you to help keep me honest by abusing me to the fullest extent possible if you catch me cheating.

Looking forward to eventually getting back in the water, out on the road riding, and back into my
running shoes with the hope of still being able to participate in the Arizona Ironman on November 22. And yes, I also hope to once again try my hand (and calf) at snowboarding again next year!!!

Thanks to you all for your kind words and well wishes.


Dr. George L. Caldwell, Jr. is Co-Medical Director of Sports Medicine at Broward Health Broward General Medical Center, orthopedic surgeon and team physician for South Florida’s major league teams. He is Chief Team Physician for the Miami Dolphins, physician for the Florida Marlins and consultant for the Baltimore Orioles.

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Jen Jones said...

This must be the season of calf injuries for us! Sorry it got you, too! I'm just over 2 months out from mine and I'm finally feeling okay about things (zero pain the last few days, finally!!!!). It's certainly a tricky area to tear!

Feel better, try not to go too crazy :)