Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Back in the Saddle Again

Well, not in the bicycle saddle yet, but back in the training saddle. After two weeks of scheduled down time and a busy weekend running the Taverna at our church's Greek Festival, I finally got out for a run last night. I had planned on a 10K run, but it felt so good to run again that I made it a 10 miler. I think I need to schedule planned down time more often. The sense of pure joy in running returned to my legs, heart and head. I don't know if I'll be race ready for the A1a Half Marathon in a little under 2 weeks, but it doesn't matter. I'm surrounded by the walking wounded with my wife and training partner both on crutches. I've also got buddy Wayne in Anchorage coming back from his triple by-pass. With all this, I'm happy to be able to simply get out and run.

We await the doctor's report on John's leg injury. He's getting an MRI this week. He's clearly out for A1a, most likely out for the Miami International Triathlon in mid-March, and who knows whether he's back in shape for St. Anthony's Triathlon in April. John, next time we commit to a full ironman, no snowboarding for you. Here's hoping it's a minor injury and he is able to get back in training soon.

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Chloe said...

Hey Bill! It's good to see that you're back in the saddle again! I was out last week - I really think I just needed a mental break. But it was needed - and now I feel awesome!! So I can relate!

Yes - we do have amazing trail system in our area. Both state parks as well as St. Joe properties (what Watercolor is) As I'm sure you know - St. Joe properties really incorporate the natural enviroment into their planning. So we have tons of great trails and bridges to run through! We are sooo lucky to have that in our area!