Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brick Workout & Iron Carrie

I got together this morning with triathlete and fast bicyclist Tony for an Olympic bike/run brick. I would typically do this brick as a buddy ride/run at whatever pace the slower guy wanted. Tony decided that since he is quicker on the bike and I'm the faster runner, that we should go out at our own pace and see what happens.

Tony gets his expected lead coming off the bike. However, coming off 2 consecutive weekends of half marathon events, I do not have the energy in my legs to run the 6.2 in my usual 50 minutes. I get smoked by over 5 minutes overall. Tony's half marathon training has made him a better runner. Way to go Tony. In spite of his good workout, Tony declines my invitation to join me for next weekend's Olympic tri in Miami. Me, I got talked into registering for this early season Olympic tri by a couple of buddies that have since dropped out with injuries. It's amazing what some people will do to avoid an event.

Meanwhile, our friend Carrie, being made of tougher stuff, completed her first IM today in New Zealand. The amazing thing about the feat is that she gashed and likely broke a toe coming out of the water from the swim portion. Carrie was not to be denied. She had her toe wrapped and continued on her way. She had the toe re-wrapped at some point and completed the event. She makes us all proud to know her. Her splits were as follows: Swim 1:52, Bike 7:12, Run 6:42. Total 16:42. John & I can only hope we have as much determination as Carrie to finish our IM in November. Way to go Carrie! We eagerly await hearing her tell us about her race experience.

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