Tuesday, March 10, 2009

High Anxiety!

So, with the Miami International Triathlon, an Olympic distance tri, coming up this Sunday, I started to get anxious yesterday. I just got back in the pool a week ago, all but one of my buddies has dropped out of the event, and I haven't done a triathlon since November. So, by Monday afternoon, I'm getting a little anxious. Should I even be doing a triathlon yet? Am I ready to swim an Olympic distance swim?

"OK, calm down," I tell myself. "You just did an Olympic bike/run brick on Saturday." "Yes, but I was a slug on Sunday as a result. Perhaps my energy levels aren't where they need to be." "Yeah, but you were also fighting a little virus and are coming off 2 consecutive half marathon weekends."

I arrange to meet buddy Jacques for a Tuesday morning swim session. Jacques decides to swim for 20 minutes. I decide on a 40 minute swim. As the workout progresses, I feel better about my swim stroke. I do not fatigue in the water. "Alright," I tell myself, "I'm going to be fine in the water." I've decided that the nervousness is partially just getting that first triathlon of the season out of the way. I'll be better for doing MIT come the St. Anthony's Triathlon on April 26th. All my buddies who skipped MIT will be feeling that "first tri of the season" angst at St. Anthony's. I'll have it out of the way. And besides, a little nervous energy is good for you.

So, its taper time. I'll do one more 4 to 5 mile training run, perhaps a 20 minute pool session on Thursday, and a 10 mile bike ride on Friday morning. Then, its down to Miami for the expo and bike drop off on Saturday. Sunday morning: it's go time. Bring it on!

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Missy said...

OHHHH, I'll be in Miami on April 25 for a 5K swim...so excited. It'll be your great, warm up race for the year.