Monday, August 24, 2009

"Looking good, Billy Ray!" "Looking good, Lewis!"

The above exchange from "Trading Places" summarizes where John & I are in our training. We both had solid workouts during the week and had a very productive weekend. My long runs are in the 12 to 13 mile range and my last two long rides on consecutive Saturdays were of 60 and 70 miles. John rode 60 on Saturday, swam an hour Sunday and did a long run today. I did a 10 mile run on Sunday and a 2 mile open water swim this morning.

We are trying to read up on technique for each event from the book, "Going Long" by Joe Friel & Grodon Byrn. One of the main concepts we both seem to have gotten from the book is frequency of training for each discipline. I'm working on my kick for my swim, which seems to have done wonders for my distance in the open water.

One tricky spot in this August heat is making sure I get enough hydration, both during and after workouts. I seem to stay down in my fluids a bit and need to focus on rehydrating after a workout.

Yes, I know. A short boring entry about our workouts without much in the way of humorous insights. Sorry folks. With all the training, I don't have much energy left over for interesting insights. But we are happy with our progress and focus.


mjohnson said...

Hey Bill - great to see that training is going well for you and John. Bob and I enjoy your blog and the inspiration it provides us. Always good to see how others fit IM training into an already busy life. We are off to do IM Canada this weekend then looking forward to a week off in the Canadian Rockies! Have fun and stay safe. Best Regards Melissa & Bob (your Ohio IM friends)

Bill said...

Melissa & Bob, Talk about being an inspiration, it was you and Bob that got us thinking about the whole triathlon scene. Best of luck at IM Canada.

Hua said...
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Hua said...

Good luck on your training! Sounds like your doing well. It is great to read about how far you have come. You are really close to attaining your goal and I am sure you will get there.

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