Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"You knocks me out, right off of my feet." This line from John Lee Hooker's song "Boom Boom" expresses how I feel coming off Sunday's Olympic Triathlon. I don't know if its the summer heat or the combined effort of the swim, bike, run of the triathlon, but I felt beat up after this Sunday's triathlon. The sprint triathlon 2 weekends ago didn't drain my energy levels, but the Olympic distance seems to have drained me for a couple of days. I'm like a boxer laid out on the canvas not wanting to get back up.

When this happened to me last summer, I went in to see my doctor sure that I was iron deficient. While my blood work came back slightly low, I was not iron deficient. Perhaps this is an indication of an inefficiency in my training or racing. Perhaps its just an byproduct of being 50. I don't know if this happens to any of the rest of you. If so, I'm curious to hear you explanation of what is happening. Am I just digging deep, or is it due to the heat?

I know how to treat the problem. Take a couple of days off and rest. Recharge those batteries, then get back out there and train. Last night's sleep seemed to be the magic night where my body is finishing up repair work and I awake feeling ready to start training again. So, I'm back off the canvas and ready for the next round. I did my weight training this morning and plan a long run this evening after work.

As an interesting aside, I read in the paper this morning about a study that says that cursing seems to increase our pain tolerance. I know I've blurted out a few "sh*ts" and "f*@ks" when I've cramped up late in a marathon. I had no idea it might be doing me any good. I kind of doubt it, but who knows. The run portion of triathlons may start to get very colorful in the future. If word gets around, ear plugs may be useful in more than just the swim.


Jen Jones said...

Well, Bill, I think you are a lot like me in the heat! This weather, mostly the crazy high dew points, just takes me down. I can still get in my complete training, but I have to be really, really careful about hydration/recovery. And, I do my quality runs inside on the 'mill so I can hit my paces and not loose too much of my fitness.

From what I've read, it's really easy to get detrained in the oppressive humidity since we need to run so much slower outdoors. Heck, I'm around a full per mile slower in the summer than the winter at the same HR! Some don't get dinged nearly as bad, but I'm not built for heat!

So, I know how you feel if that helps at all. This time of year it's always difficult to judge one's true fitness levels. My advice is to rest up and then keep on training with a nice mix of TM and outside running and take it easy in this heat while on the bike.

A couple of more months and then there is some hope for cooler weather!

Missy said...

OH, well, I cuss and yell climbing most hills..I have the cussing turrets syndrome;) That's what I call it!

I think we get zapped by the heat and hard racing more than we'd like to admit!

EuroWayne said...

My running strategy for running Humpys is to swear the entire time, therefore, I'll set a PR!